11 Pastors + other people that I Podcast

I have had numerous people email me, asking me for names of pastors that I like to podcast.  So, I’ve put a list of 11 pastors I like to podcast on a constant basis. Here is the list:


   David Wilkerson (wherever I can find him)

   Ravi Zacharias (Let My People Think)

   Willie George (churchonthemove.com)

   Ed Young (Fellowship Church & Creative Pastors)

   Mark Driscoll (marshillchurch.org)

   Craig Groeschel (lifechurch.tv)

   Wendell & Judah Smith (thecity.org)

   Josh McDowell (wherever I can find him)        


   Alex Shivchenko (pematv.org)

   Genadiy Mohnenko (mostly on invictory.org)

   Vasiliy Botsyan (wherever I can find him)

There are other pastors/ministers that I like to listen to, occasionally. They are:  TD Jakes, John Maxwell, Jenzten Franklin, Focus on the Family, John Bevere, Mark Rutland, Pavel Zhelnavakov, Sergey Vitukov, Matt Chandler, John Piper, Paul Washer, Andy Stanley, and Seminary professors like Wayne Grudem.   

Also, I do listen to radio at times. Here are some people I occasionally to listen to: Dave Ramsey (TOTALLY RECOMMENT IT), Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, and Mike & Mike  In The Morning (ESPN Radio).  

There is an old saying, “Leaders are Readers.” But in this day and age, we spend a lot of time on the road. Why not listen to something uplifting, encouraging?

MOST RECOMMEND: Get “The Bible Experience,” Bible read on CD. Just awesome.

Want to recommend someone? Just comment.