an Iphone app that has enhanced my life

Every year, I make it a goal to read through the Bible once during the course of the year. And usually, January is a breeze. But, when February came, books such as Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy come up. And often, I lost interest and got far behind in February. And then frustration kicked in, as well as feelings of guilt and discouragement. Eventually, I would take 4 or 5 days, and just read through everything and catch up, so that I don’t feel guilty for failing my goal of reading the whole bible that year.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Time after time, I’d continue to do the same thing, even though I realize that reading hundreds of chapters in the course of 5 days isn’t always smart. I read just to read through, not to understand and learn.

Ever since getting an iPhone, I downloaded the YouVersion Holy Bible (produced by and decided a different reading plan, a plan that had 4 chapters to read everyday, but from different books of the Bible (the one I’m currently on is the M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan). It has been transforming. I feel like I am eating a full course meal every time I do my daily Bible reading.

My point? Don’t read the Bible just to read through. No one needs to hear you bragging that you’ve read the Bible and how many time you’ve read it, unless it transforms and changes you. Find a plan that you will enjoy! And, if you are anything like I was that believes you HAVE TO READ THE BIBLE STRAIGHT THROUGH, I dare you to try a different method. Just have a way to document what you read, so that you can go through the whole Bible in the course of the year. And if you have an iPhone, the YouVersion Holy Bible is a great method. Frankly, I think it is worth buying an iPhone just for this application.

Reading the Bible daily to me is a breath of fresh air. I cant live without it.

PS. Did you know that you can read the Bible from front to back in about 72 hours? Most people watch that much TV in less than 2 weeks. Drop one of your soap operas, and enjoy the word of God!