Square Up For Churches! A must-have free tool for fundraising events

All churches should be excited for this: squareup! Its an easy way to receive credit/debit card payments, with an iPhone/iPad/Android device. Its free and easy to set up, secure, & funds go right into account. Imagine how much easier it is to take donations at Car Washes, bake sales, benefit concerts, fundraiser auctions or dinners! Jesus, thank you for square!

All you do, is set up an account at http://www.squareup.com. You will receive a little scanner that can be used in an iPhone, iPad, or an android phone. Swipe the credit/debit card. Enter the amount. Sign. And the funds are added to your account!

All you need is the routing number and the account number of your bank account, and you are ready to go! No more checks, or loosing potential donations, because people don’t have cash!

*Square does take a 2.75% charge on all credit/debit swipes. On a $10 donations, they take 27.5 cents. Id rather receive a donation of $9.72 then nothing!

Here is a video for more info.