My top 10 visited blog posts of 2013

top 10I don’t blog as often as I’d like to. I hope to blog more in 2014.  Thank you everyone who has taken time to visit and read my blog! If there is something I can do better, don’t hesitate to let me know. If there is a topic you’d like to hear my perspective on, also let me know!

Nevertheless, here were my top 10 visited blog posts of 2013:

 #10 Dress Etiquette for Churchmodesty2
Clearly, this is a concern for many. While coming to worship the Lord, our dress style must not be distracting & revealing, which draws people’s attention away from Christ and the message to what we are wearing. That’s idolatry and a sin.

#9 Five Questions to Ask Before Dating Someone
Choosing your marriage partner should never be based on the feelings of “love” alone. Feelings of love are the result of a good marriage, the result of self-denial, sacrifice, & forgiveness. Therefore, if you feel the tingling feelings of love, before you propose and change your Facebook status to “dating/engaged,” ask yourself these 5 questions.

#8 From A Church of 3,000 to Zerocrimjusticecenter1
Community Chapel and Bible Training Center was an independent, “oneness Pentecostal” church started in 1967 by Pastor Donald Lee Barnett. It started in his home, and continued to grow to over 3,000 people with a Bible school, and over 150 active ministries. Soon after, it went down to zero and closed. Read the blog to find out why.

#7 A Call to Reform a “Culture of Guests Preachers” in the Slavic Churches
Guests in a church can be a blessing. They can also be a hindrance, if we are not careful. If the current culture of a constant diet on guest preachers continues in the Slavic church, there will not be “Maidan” style protests. What will happen is a quiet, mass exodus of young people from the Slavic church. Young people are longing to be taught the word of God & doctrine, not fed on a constant diet of guests.

#6 Is Using Contraceptives A Sin? What are the Different Birth Control Methods?kids1
The questions of family planning are certainly controversial, as was this blog, because there are many strong-held beliefs, and those beliefs differ. Nevertheless, I wrote on this topic openly, due to much misinformation, false representation, and not much teaching on this subject in the Slavic community. The content of this blog is intended to be taught in a small group, premarital counseling, adult setting.

#5 What are the Most Influential Slavic Churches in the US?
There are Russian-speaking congregations in just about every state, and they exist in all shapes and sizes. Most of the churches are connected loosely through different networks. I have traveled all over the United States (Ive been to all the states except Hawaii), and have ministered in over 100 churches. In this blog, I have put together a list of Slavic churches that I believe are the most influential in the United States.

#4 A “prophecy” to stop using Social Media in 3 days or else….phophecy
A “prophecy” was spoken in Belarus that all Christians should stop using Social Media within 3 days. Many in our Slavic circles became frightened, and it was the talk of town for a while. Dozens of churches openly promoted, preached and accepted that prophecy. After writing my response, it was translated into Russian, and even posted on the church’s website, where the prophecy was spoken.

#3 The Christian’s approach to homosexual marriage
The issue of homosexuality has been front cover news for several years now. Many liberals have equaled the rights of homosexuals to get married w/ the great civil rights movement. On the other hand, many Christians are ready to take arms and literally fight so that the government does not give homosexuals the right to get married legally, as if a prohibition against homosexual’s right to get married (a marriage that’s governed by the state) is going to change any homosexual. Read my full blog on this issue.

#2 My response to the Calvinism/Arminianism debate that was led by Pastor Alex Shevchenko
I had some disagreements with the forum content, and felt the Arminian side could have been better prepared. I wrote some thoughts on that in this blog, which is written in Russian.

#1 Can a Christian Be a Police Officer? police_officers
You know that when your dad, who is a minister at a Slavic church, calls you to ask you about the content of your blog, the blog has gone places you didn’t even imagine possible. I do believe Christians can and SHOULD serve as police officers, and in this blog, I explain my reasoning. I still keep receiving messages from police officers from all over the US, who have stumbled upon this blog; some have posted it in police stations. Yesterday, I was re-blogged by a police officer from Ohio.

With over 100,000 blog visitors, anything surprise you about which posts got the most views? 

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