Satan Only Has 2 Lies

liesSatan is a liar. His name even means that, and the main way Satan works is through lies. With all the years of experience, it would seem that he has a vast number of lies. But, in reality, all of his lies fall into 2 categories:

Satan lies to us through temptations and through accusations.

If he cant get you through temptation, he will try to lie to you through accusation.

Often, he will get some people through temptation, and then focus on accusation.

What is Temptation?
It is when Satan wants us to have an unhealthy HIGH view of SELF, and an unhealthy HIGH view of God.

SELF: Satan wants us to see ourselves as superior, and that we can do whatever we want to do. “We’ve earned it. We deserve it. There is no harm to it.” He wants us to rationalize sin, and to lessen the affects of sin upon our lives. He shows the bait, but hides the hook; gives us a golden cup, but hides the poison.
GOD: Satan wants us to view God as only all merciful, loving, gracious, hipster God, a “cool buddy” who wants to crack jokes with us and join the party.

What is Accusation?
It is when Satan lies to us, to have an unhealthy LOW view of our SELF, and an unhealthy LOW view of God.

SELF: Satan wants us to see ourselves as without hope, without a future, no forgiveness, no restoration, full of guilt, and to walk around in shame. He wants you to focus more on your sin, than on the Savior.
GOD: Satan wants us to see God as distant, He does not love you, nor can He forgive you. He is too righteous a God to bless you or give you a future, with all of the mistakes you have accomplished in the past.

In temptation, Satan HIDES God’s Holiness.

In accusation, Satan HIDES God’s love.

We will fall into either temptation or accusation, when we don’t have a proper view of who God is, and who we are.

Here are 2 more combinations of how we view GOD and ourselves, and what that leads to:  

The Unrighteous

This is a category of people who have a HIGH view of SELF, and a LOW view of GOD. In Romans 1:21, it says that the unrighteous “knew God, but did not honor Him as God…. Claiming to be wise, they became fools…”

Those who have a low view of God, Proverbs say, “They are a fool, and there is no fear of God in their eyes.”

People Who Fear The Lord

Having a “Fear of God” simply means having a HIGH view of GOD, while having a LOW view of SELF, when without God. If we have a high view of God, and a high view of God’s authority, and a high view of God’s word, we will have an increasingly lower view of human wisdom, and human opinion, and human desire.

Apostle Paul wrote, “I was the worst of sinners, I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man … the grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly” (1 Tim. 1:13-14). A man with a memory like that, regularly freshened, is not likely to think of himself more highly than he ought.

To grow in wisdom starts with having a lowly view of ourselves without God, and to think HIGHLY of our God.

Having a HIGH view of God and a LOWLY view of ourselves does not mean we feel inadequate, defeated, lonely, wimpy. The Bible says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth!” (Matthew 5:5). When we have a healthy High View of God, it will change how we view ourselves, how we view others, how we act towards others, and itll lead us to not be afraid of circumstances surrounding us.

In conclusion:

TEMPTATION is: An Unhealthy HIGH view of God, HIGH view of self

ACCUSATION is:  A LOW view of God, LOW view of self

UNRIGHTEOUSNESS is: A HIGH view of Self, LOW view of God

THOSE WHO FEAR THE LORD: a healthy HIGH VIEW OF GOD, a lowly view of SELF without God.

Walk in the Fear of the Lord. It is the beginning of wisdom. And, you will not fall into temptation, nor accusation.

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