Is it ok to watch the Super Bowl in church?


We realize that watching the Super Bowl in church for some is a no-brainer; it is seen as  a great outreach to the community, and a safe, controlled environment for people of all ages to be watching a good game. For others, the church is a place dedicated to worship of Jesus, prayer, and a reverence of God’s presence prevails the atmosphere; watching a football game in that atmosphere is just not right.

I realize that. And Im ok with both views.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. It is an issue of personal conviction, and the leadership philosophy & vision of the local congregation.

But, we have decided to show the game in the church in the past, and will do so this year again. Why? Primarily for 2 reasons.

1. We invite all of our church neighbors and community to join us, & watch the game together. We make posters, post in as many social media community groups as we could think of, and typically fill up the facility with many first-time guests to our church! During commercials and the half-time, we dedicate time to get to know all the people who came, build relationships, and invite them back for a Sunday worship gathering.

2. I find that there are parents & households who have NO interest in football and who don’t believe football should be watched at church. Yet, these same parents allow their kids & teens to watch the game on tv in their own homes uncontrolled and unfiltered. Even more common, younger people are watching the game in environments where there is drunkenness, profanity, mockery, and filth.

As we show the game in church, we actually have a person who will filter through commercials and block out those that are inappropriate. And, we will not show the half-time show, but rather have food, eat pizza, and fellowship together!  We realize that there have been many GREAT half-time shows in the past, yet, we also know that the potential for them to be inappropriate also exists, therefore, we choose to not show it.

Now, my question to the parents or individuals who are CRITICAL of us showing the game at church: did you filter the commercials and half-time show in your home, or your neighbors home, where your kids were watching it? I thought so.

The reality is, at least 1/3rd of our nation will be watching the Super Bowl this year. And as great as the game is, it has the potential to be a great, fun memory, or, a day when eyes and ears are exposed to things that are unhealthy, not wholesome, sinful. And for that reason, we choose to show the game at our church facility for those who want to come, and we have a great time!

And if you live in our area and want to watch the game with us, join us at 3 pm in Kenmore! We have the biggest screen in our city!