12 Podcast Channels Leaders Should Subscribe to

Leaders are readers & leaders are listeners.

And one of the greatest benefits of growing up in our generation is the magnificent & free access to sermons, mentorship & and teaching of godly and influential leaders & pastors through podcasts.

I drive a lot, and, the minute I get into the car, I always start listening to a book (through Audible), or listening to podcasts.
I could make a list of hundreds of podcast channels I can recommend. But, this list is a list of Podcasts I currently listen to. There’s a difference. I don’t have a lot of time to listen to all the podcasts. But, I make time to listen to the 12 podcast channels below:

cgCraig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: This podcast comes out once a month, and my wife and I both listen to it the day it comes out! Great, and very challenging content.





cnThe Carey Niewhof Leadership Podcast: Carey Niewhof is a gift to the body of Christ, and to pastors worldwide. I’ve been blessed by a lot of his podcasts, and benefit tremendously as a pastor from this content.





caThe Leadership Momentum Podcast: interviews with great leaders and pastors about church, ministry, time management and other related issues. Podcast channel is connected to Dave Ramsey’s company, and they produce GREAT content..





ca2The EntreLeadership Podcast: interviews with many business and community leaders on working in teams, creating great culture, management, etc. This channel is also managed through Dave Ramsey’s company, and I have been challenged a lot by these podcasts.




ca3Let My People Think Podcast: Sermons and conversation of Ravi Zacharias. Anything by Ravi Zacharias is great, and I love listening to him.






ca4Truth In Love: This short podcast is put on by the Association of Biblical Counselors. We love Dr. Heath Lambert at City On A Hill Church, and have been blessed by his work. The discussions in this podcast are great content for Christian counselors and pastors.





caaNew Churches Q&A Podcast: These are short, 10-15 minutes podcasts put on by Ed Stetzer and his team that are phenomenal for church planters, and anyone in ministry. The content is very relevant to church leaders, and any church leader listening will benefit, not only church planters.





c1Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Anytime Andy Stanley speaks on leadership, thousands of leaders listen in, because they will be blessed and challenged. You should too!






c2Perry Noble Leadership Podcast: Perry Noble is very open, honest and real in his conversations, and though he pastors a gigantic church and it would seem hard to relate, he is down-to-earth and very personal in these conversations!





c3Rainer on Leadership: Thom Rainer is by far my favorite blogger, and I think every leader should subscribe to his blog. The podcast is basically a conversation about many of his blogs that are very informational, and helpful. As a researcher, probably half of the pastors in the United States at some point are reading or listening to Thom Rainer; he’s that influential!





Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast: Vanderbloemen has become one of the top organizations in the United States to help churches find pastors and staff. The podcasts are very helpful, informational and relevant.





b4The Gospel Coalition Podcast: I love the conversations and content produced by the TGC. There are many tenured, respected leaders speaking through these podcasts, which serves as a great blessing to us younger pastors.





podcast imageAnd, since you are going to be subscribing to some of these channels, may I suggest you give our podcast channel a chance? Find City Hill Kenmore, which is the English campus of City On A Hill Church in Kenmore, and enjoy the messages! We are currently going through a series, “Dumb Things Christians Say.”