Google Reviews for Churches

BPL_09_BestPlacesMapPastors & church administrators, PLEASE HEAR ME: In today’s culture, when people search for a “church,” one of the first places they go to is Google.

There was a time when I periodically yet persistently asked some people in our congregation to write a Google Review. Today, we have families who are part of our church & are serving, and those families came to our church after finding us through Google & reading Google Reviews.

This past Sunday, we had a family come to church for the first time yet again, because they came upon our reviews while searching for a church. And we meet such people almost on a weekly basis!

If you are a pastor, or a church administrator, here are 2 FREE steps i HIGHLY encourage you to do, when it comes to Google:

1. Go to, and claim your “business” location, fill out as much information as you can, and add photos. Again, this is FREE, sort of a “mini” website of your church that people will see when they search Google for a church in your area. Pssst: Im not employed by Google and they are not paying me; I care for Jesus’ Church, and want HIS church to grow! 

2. Ask friends & people who attend your congregation to go to google, search for your “church” and write a google review! Here is the link to our church for you to see an example. And if you get a chance, please write a great review for us; you never know, it might lead another family that just moved to our area to a great church home!

And the beauty of this: once you do this, it will always be there and you wont need to do anything else with this, but pray & love on the people God sends your way!