5 Christian Views on Creation

As Christians, we believe God created the world.

But, there are many sincere questions as to the details of creation, like, “Is the world really less than 10,000 years old?” “What was the LIGHT created in Day 1, and how did it differ from the Sun, Moon and Stars, created on Day 4?” Within the Christian community, there are several prominent views on Creation, and in this message, I explain 5 of them.

For instance, one of those views is Theistic Evolution; some of today’s most widely read Christian authors like Timothy Keller, NT Wright, William Lane Craig & Phillip Yancey believe the world came about through billions of years of God-guided evolution, and that humans come from hominid ancestors (apes).

Hope you find an hour, and learn more of the 5 views on Creation.

PS. I am a Young-Earth Creationist, which is a minority view within the Christian community. This is not a message where I defend my view on Creation, but rather share on the different views that are present within the Christian community.