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The Red Sea parting at a High School Basketball game

Students at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass., have gone viral with a celebration they held during a “Red Sea” game in which fans all wore red. Then-senior Patrick Bradley dressed as Moses, naturally, and parted the crowd. “We’re just a small high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts doing a biblical act before a basketball game,” Bradley said.

FUNNY! How ukrainian comedy tv views preaching evangelists.

Twin baby boys having a conversation. So funny.

Pastor tells church to “F” thy neighbor.

Flash Mob at Oral Roberts University (ORU)

People falling from Charismatic preacher “kissing them.” The kiss of Jesus…

Not sure if I missed something in the Bible. Or, maybe Im not that spiritual yet.

People loosing weight during a “Charismatic” service

Famous video clip of Aleksey Ledyaev bringing out a toilet seat unto a stage during a church service

Welcome Back Flash Mob at Heathrow airport

Flash Mob wedding at Prudential Mall in Massachusetts


Flash Mob in Seattle, Seattle Symphony and 500 singers at Nordstroms, singing Handel’s Messiah

The ultra-powerful Putin singing a song & playing piano. Not fake. No comment.

Best wedding entrance ever.

Bethany New Year’s Video 4. FUNNY

Bethany New Year’s video 3. FUNNY.

Bethany New Year’s video 2. FUNNY.

Bethany New Year’s video 1. FUNNY.

My favorite flash mob. Grand Central in New York

Mall flash mob. Amazingly done.

Crazy baptists. Watch tell the end.

City On A Hill has no relationship with this church.