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Pastor Alex Shevchenko’s debate with an atheist, Part 1

Raw video of the homeless man with a golden voice. Inspiring

5 year old prays an unforgettable prayer at Potters House (TD Jakes)

200 countries in 200 years. Best stats video.

Most inspirational, short & sweet Russian cartoon. Watch it when you’re upset.

Famous Failures

Movie Recommendation: The Blind Side

Movie Recommendation: Cinderella Man

Movie Recommendation: End of the Spear

Movie Recommendation: The Pursuit of Happyness

Movie Recommendation: Schindler’s List (Rated R)

This movie is not for children/teens.

Movie Recommendation: I Am Sam

Movie Recommendation: Flywheel

The acting is not all that good. But, the storyline is phenomenal. Worth watching.

Movie Recommendation: Fireproof

We live in a world in need of love. Just look at the success of the “Free Hugs Campaign.”

Sadly, this is the type of vow couples make today

Satan and his views on church.

Resurrection Sunday Dance: Budapest, Hungary

This is My King.

The Christian Lion. Touching

Battle at Kruger: Join a local church; you wont be left alone

Over 30 million views for creativity

We live in a world that craves to see creativity in action. Wish we, as the church, can utilize creativity better, to reach more people w/ the Gospel.

“The 4th Man,” one of Oral Robert’s most famous sermons

Bethany New Year’s Video 4. FUNNY

Moral Combat: A Documentary on Video Games. (Video NOT FOR KIDS)

Words cant describe my God. But using the words we know, Steve Harvey does a good job.

Pastor punched, while speaking message

Pastor Billy Joe Dautherty was punched, while praying for people at the altar. Later, he visited this man in the prison, and forgave him. I personally got to attend “Victory Christian Church” which… Continue reading

Great speech by Steve Jobs. Listen when you get a chance.

A “must see commercial” for every parent.

Kids See. Kids Do.

One of my favorite commercials.