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The Super Spiritual Christian. A must-watch.

One of the most amazing testimonies

A Must Watch!

Slavic Missionary Bible School in Florida

Im honored to be a part of this school, as one of the instructors. I highly recommend this school for young adults.

City On A Hill Church Grand Opening, Василий Боцян, открытие церкви

Video from our Grand Opening service, and highlights from the youth Grand Opening & Night of worship are now on our church website, Видио с открытие церкви City On A Hill, и молодежного вечера… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church & Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan Website, Василий Боцян

Apparently, my blog is a big hit for those seeking the church website for “City On A Hill Church,” and Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan’s sermons.   The official website for City On A Hill is We… Continue reading

Video link of Vasiliy Velichko’s recent sermon

Recently, Vasiliy Velichko was in the United States, and preached a sermon at a church in Philadelphia. It is certainly the first instance I know of him preaching again, after many years of… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church Sermon, Pastor Vasily Botsyan, Василий Боцян

City On A Hill Church Sermon, spoken by Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan on May 23rd, 2010. City On A Hill Church Sermon, May 23rd, 2010 Our church website is


Recently, I wached a video of the homecoming of a soldier, who died in a war. Literally, thousands of people stood on streets throughout the state of Georgia, to pay their respect. I… Continue reading