The Power of Words. One of the most inspiring videos. A must watch

City On A Hill Church Promo video

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Alex Shevchenko and UGOL’s first MUSIC VIDEO: Наклони Небеса

Song is written by Pastor Alex Shevchenko. Song is performed by Kristina Oselskaya

Disease and Sanitation Issues in Africa. My heart is broken.

Dont take water for granted. 1 Billion people dont. Water changes everything.

FUNNY! How ukrainian comedy tv views preaching evangelists.

Over 2,000 member choir from 58 countries

Everything is amazing and no one is happy. A MUST WATCH.

One of the saddest videos. Wish I can help.

Girl without fingers plays a piano beautifully. What’s your excuse?

Диана Козакевич 6 лет – Украина ищет таланты (A poem that will bring you to tears).

The iPhone and the world, 30 years from now

People taking socks off and waving them & jumping during worship

Twin baby boys having a conversation. So funny.

Will everyone who doesn’t know Jesus go to hell? What about those who haven’t heard?

Old film of russian guys singing in English. Epic.

Pastor tells church to “F” thy neighbor.

I am Second: Bethany Hamilton, a 1 armed surfer

People like this amaze & motivate me.

Flash Mob at Oral Roberts University (ORU)

Russia in 15 seconds

People falling from Charismatic preacher “kissing them.” The kiss of Jesus…

Not sure if I missed something in the Bible. Or, maybe Im not that spiritual yet.

Сергей Витюков, “Какая опасность жениться на девушке, которая не сохранила себя. Учитывая тот факт, что она искренне покаялась и Бог восстановил ее?”

Мне часто задают вопросы на совершенно различные темы. На все ответить нет воможности физически. Но есть некоторые вопросы, которые задаются чаще всего. На один из таких вопросов я хотел бы ответить. Вопрос : … Continue reading

People loosing weight during a “Charismatic” service

Rejected John 3:16 Superbowl Commercial

Watch Ledayev’s “Пир Валтасара,” one of his newest musicals, on my blog.

11 Year Old reveals Jesus in every book of the Bible

Gianna Jessen, an Abortion Survivor, sharing her testimony in Australia, Part 2

Gianna Jessen, an Abortion Survivor, sharing her testimony in Australia, Part 1

A Must Watch!

Famous video clip of Aleksey Ledyaev bringing out a toilet seat unto a stage during a church service

Historical film about Aleksey Ledyaev, how he started, clips of his early debates w/ pentecostal leaders, and more