Movie Recommendation: End of the Spear

Movie Recommendation: The Pursuit of Happyness

Movie Recommendation: Schindler’s List (Rated R)

This movie is not for children/teens.

Movie Recommendation: I Am Sam

Movie Recommendation: Flywheel

The acting is not all that good. But, the storyline is phenomenal. Worth watching.

Movie Recommendation: Fireproof

The Greatest Basketball story Ever. I wept.

Don’t watch this if you enjoy complaining, it just might ruin your apatite. The 1-legged marathon runner.

Slow Fade, Casting Crowns. Amazing lyrics.

Facing the Giants: A great clip to use for a sermon illustration

We live in a world in need of love. Just look at the success of the “Free Hugs Campaign.”

Its important to finish well, not just start well. Men’s Relay, Olympics.

Sadly, this is the type of vow couples make today

Satan and his views on church.

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? A Parable

Resurrection Sunday Dance: Budapest, Hungary

Inspiring: Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

Avatar: Advertisement for Paganism by Mark Driscoll

A Call to Anguish, David Wilkerson

This is My King.

Paul Washer: One of the most influential messages of our time.

The Christian Lion. Touching

Battle at Kruger: Join a local church; you wont be left alone

Over 30 million views for creativity

We live in a world that craves to see creativity in action. Wish we, as the church, can utilize creativity better, to reach more people w/ the Gospel.

Best wedding entrance ever.

The future of music bands.

Coming to City On A Hill soon!

“The 4th Man,” one of Oral Robert’s most famous sermons

Семья Спатарель “Я с ним заключил завет”

Love this song. Love this family.

Russian version of the song “Healer”

Done by the worship team of Bethany Missionary Church, Sacramento CA.

This Is My God (In Russian).

I love this song. So reassuring. Song preformed at Sulamita church in Portland OR.