Holy, by Kim Walker/Jesus Culture

A favorite for City On A Hill and me.

One of my favorite Russian worship songs. Я хочу исполнить волю Твою

The man singing in this video is the author of this song.

Moral Combat: A Documentary on Video Games. (Video NOT FOR KIDS)

Words cant describe my God. But using the words we know, Steve Harvey does a good job.

The Gummy Bear song, Russian Version

Its finally out! The russian version of the Gummy Bear song. Enjoy.

World Cup in Russia in 2018! Here is Russia’s full presentation to FIFA

I wonder how much Russia had to pay under the table, to rewarded the World Cup in 2018.

Pastor punched, while speaking message

Pastor Billy Joe Dautherty was punched, while praying for people at the altar. Later, he visited this man in the prison, and forgave him. I personally got to attend “Victory Christian Church” which… Continue reading

Great speech by Steve Jobs. Listen when you get a chance.

There are days when I listen to this song 50 times.

A “must see commercial” for every parent.

Kids See. Kids Do.

One of my favorite commercials.

Great song by “Открытое Небо,” a Christian Russian band.

By far, one of my most favorite YouTube videos. Great choir.

Worthy Is the Lamb, by a quartet. Friends of mine.

My favorite flash mob. Grand Central in New York

Mall flash mob. Amazingly done.

Is it mandatory that Christian women should wear head coverings or veils?

Pastor Aleksey Kolimiytsev wrote a blog on whether it is necessary for a woman to wear a head covering or a veil, while praying. I definitely think its worth your time, reading it.… Continue reading

Crazy baptists. Watch tell the end.

City On A Hill has no relationship with this church.

Mark Driscoll on “Twilight.” Bold.

Elderly couple, married 62 years

Wow. Love it.

The Super Spiritual Christian. A must-watch.

One of the most amazing testimonies

A Must Watch!

Dad life.

I love being a dad.

Slavic Missionary Bible School in Florida

Im honored to be a part of this school, as one of the instructors. I highly recommend this school for young adults.

High school football player penalized for pointing to heaven. Talk about intolerance.

I wonder where the ACLU is now.  

City On A Hill Church Grand Opening, Василий Боцян, открытие церкви

Video from our Grand Opening service, and highlights from the youth Grand Opening & Night of worship are now on our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv. Видио с открытие церкви City On A Hill, и молодежного вечера… Continue reading

A Journal Entry of a Young Minister

Certainly, ministry has it’s ups and downs, times of celebrations and times of challenges. There are those days when people criticize you, and everything you do. But then, there are moments that bring… Continue reading

Worship @ City On A Hill Church, Василий Боцян, Pastor Vasily Botsyan

Here is an audio of worship from City On A Hill Church. More audio, videos, sermons and pictures are available on our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv.

Sermon on being planted in local church by Russell Korets

This is the message i spoke at City On A Hill Church on Sunday, September 5th. It is about the importanc of  being planted in a local church. You can also download it… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church & Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan Website, Василий Боцян

Apparently, my blog is a big hit for those seeking the church website for “City On A Hill Church,” and Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan’s sermons.   The official website for City On A Hill is http://www.cityhill.tv. We… Continue reading