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A Video Invite to our new church plant

Currently, we are planting an English speaking congregation that is already reaching people from over 20 nationalities. If you are anywhere near Kenmore, Bothell, North Seattle, Kirkland or Everett, we can use your… Continue reading

Conference with Larry Stockstill at City On A Hill

Five years ago, together with a group of friends, we heard a call from God to start a church in the Seattle area. This weekend, we are celebrating what the Lord has done,… Continue reading

“6 Responsibilities of a Husband to a Wife.” Sermon by Russell Korets at City On A Hill

Recently, I spoke a message at City On A Hill Church, titled “6 Responsibilities of a Husband to a Wife.” As I pray for my wife, I often find myself praying for these… Continue reading

Ravi Zacharias, “Jesus Amongst Other Gods” sermon at City On A Hill

Recently, we were honored to host Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team at City On A Hill Church. On Saturday evening, Ravi Zacharias spoke on “Jesus Amongst Other Gods.” You can watch the… Continue reading

Sermon: What is the Fear of the Lord

Practically speaking, what is the Fear of the Lord? Do we walk around scared? A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to answer this in a sermon. I believe the Fear of the… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jesus, kids singing at City On A Hill Church (Pastor Vasily Botsyan)

Our church website is http://www.cityhill.tv

One of the most amazing testimonies

A Must Watch!

City On A Hill Church Grand Opening, Василий Боцян, открытие церкви

Video from our Grand Opening service, and highlights from the youth Grand Opening & Night of worship are now on our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv. Видио с открытие церкви City On A Hill, и молодежного вечера… Continue reading

Video link of Vasiliy Velichko’s recent sermon

Recently, Vasiliy Velichko was in the United States, and preached a sermon at a church in Philadelphia. It is certainly the first instance I know of him preaching again, after many years of… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church Sermon, Pastor Vasily Botsyan, Василий Боцян

City On A Hill Church Sermon, spoken by Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan on May 23rd, 2010. City On A Hill Church Sermon, May 23rd, 2010 Our church website is http://www.cityhill.tv.