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12 Podcast Channels Leaders Should Subscribe to

Leaders are readers & leaders are listeners. And one of the greatest benefits of growing up in our generation is the magnificent & free access to sermons, mentorship & and teaching of godly… Continue reading

Sermon: Pride & Worldliness, a study of James ch. 4

We are currently in a middle of a study in the book of James. Last week, we looked at ch. 4, where “Pastor” James is dealing with Pride & Worldliness. I hope you… Continue reading

Ravi Zacharias, “Jesus Amongst Other Gods” sermon at City On A Hill

Recently, we were honored to host Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team at City On A Hill Church. On Saturday evening, Ravi Zacharias spoke on “Jesus Amongst Other Gods.” You can watch the… Continue reading

Podcast Interview with Bogdan Kipko

This week, I was interviewed by Bogdan Kipko, for a his “Fuel for Life” Podcast Series. It was a great conversation, where you can hear me sing songs, discuss Mark Driscoll, and share what… Continue reading

Sermon on being planted in local church by Russell Korets

This is the message i spoke at City On A Hill Church on Sunday, September 5th. It is about the importanc of  being planted in a local church. You can also download it… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church & Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan Website, Василий Боцян

Apparently, my blog is a big hit for those seeking the church website for “City On A Hill Church,” and Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan’s sermons.   The official website for City On A Hill is http://www.cityhill.tv. We… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church Sermon, Pastor Vasily Botsyan, Василий Боцян

City On A Hill Church Sermon, spoken by Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan on May 23rd, 2010. City On A Hill Church Sermon, May 23rd, 2010 Our church website is http://www.cityhill.tv.

11 Pastors + other people that I Podcast

I have had numerous people email me, asking me for names of pastors that I like to podcast.  So, I’ve put a list of 11 pastors I like to podcast on a constant basis.… Continue reading