My name is Russell Korets.  I love spending time with my wife Tanya, our 4 kids (Matthew, Honor, Levi and Ava), reading books and reading the news. Currently I am on the team at Timberlake Church, overseeing the campuses at the church. I am also pursuing my Master’s in Apologetics at Biola University.

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  1. Russell,

    Please check out my recently released short movie titled “Persecuted”. Knowing where you stand on socialist policies and atheist propaganda, I am most certain that both you and your audience will be surprised and pleased with my attempt to educated our ignorant/misguided public.

    Thank you for your precious time,

    Benjamin Bondar


    Plot Summary
    During the height of the Soviet Union expansion, fear of nuclear war lead both the KGB and the CIA to deploy spies for reconnaissance, espionage, and assassination. Apart from Cold War tensions, the Soviet Union was already fighting a war of its own, a war against Christianity; as it desperately tried to replace faith in God with faith in mankind. After a long career of following questionable orders and pursuing the Soviet Union’s atheist agenda, KGB Chairman Shelepin searches for common ground with another zealous government agent from the opposite side, CIA agent Garver. However, while imprisoned by the Soviets for assassination and hoping for extradition; Garver discovers a Bible amongst the dead corpses in his cell and begins to transform into an even bigger enemy of the Soviet Union.

    “Persecuted” Writer & Director Benjamin Bondar:

    Not long after arriving at The Old Guard (U.S. Army’s official ceremonial unit and escort to the President) fresh out of boot camp, I found myself being ordered to participate in a security detail for the January 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Witnessing the crowds that rushed to support a president who stands for both socialist policies and atheist propaganda made me realize how misguided our nation had become. This realization was a harsh personal blow to me, in that, this nation once upon a time had given me and my family, as Christian Refugees, the opportunity to be free from the tyranny of religious persecution in the Soviet Union.

    This opportunity was, and remains, precious to me and has guided and shaped my desire to give others a similar opportunity. Before President Obama halted America’s efforts to bring democracy and freedom to the Iraqi people, I was deployed in Iraq in support of detainee operations to assist in educating the Iraqis for a better and more hopeful future. Our vision was to spread our educational efforts throughout the Middle East so that more people could become self-sufficient, empowered and productive and not mindlessly beholden to any leader or creed that advocated violence or destruction. Throughout my deployment in Iraq, my unit treated the detainees with utmost dignity and respect. Even if feces or urine were to be thrown in our faces, we were to adhere to our training and maintain the highest standards of professional composure. The detainees were given the best medical service, food, and even cigarettes for those who craved nicotine.

    We provided the detainees with both basic education and vocational training for a productive future career and as an alternative to participating in terrorism. Specifically, our unit supervised security for classes including, carpentry, farming, HVAC, computer usage, drawing, Quran studies (a non violent approach to Islam), and basic literacy. For some of the detainees, this was their first opportunity to learn to read and write.

    After my commitment in Iraq ended, I ceremonially participated in hundreds of Arlington funerals, recognizing the sacrifices made not only for thee American people but also those who ignorantly seek our demise. Fulfilling my military service commitment, I received my honorable discharge and set out to help educate our misguided public as to the dangers of an atheistic state guided by socialistic values and hostile to the very foundation our nation was founded upon. I chose to educate the public by using the most effective means: entertainment. Similar to the way in which Matt Damon promoted Obamacare in the film Elysium, I chose to use a form of propaganda to fight propaganda. However, instead of coming up with a fairy tale, I chose to use truth and historical facts in a humble attempt to educate the misguided youth of the United States about the dangers of atheist propaganda and socialist policies. My hope is that the next time our country votes for its future leader, we apply more thought as to which president and party will best reclaim our American status as the global leader in morals, values, and professional ethics.



  2. Just a piece of info….Korets is a town in the Ukraine where the Korzecki (my family) originally came from. The original Korzecki’s loved in Korets and when the current monarchy fell in that time, they moved to Poland and settled in Korzec which is the beginnings of the Korzecki line starting in the 12th century. Thought you might find it interesting.

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