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Sermon: Jesus vs. “Many Ways to God” myths

A sermon I spoke at City On A Hill Church in November, 2013. I pray it blesses you.

5 Books We Recommend on Apologetics

We are currently in the middle of discussing different world views and religions at City On A Hill Church (North Campus), and we have made a list available of books we recommend, dealing… Continue reading

Answering 7 Myths of Oprah and the “Many Ways to God” Worldview

Dont get me wrong. This is not a blog against Oprah, and everything she has done; and she has done many great things. But, when it comes to religion and faith, her position… Continue reading

Can a Christian be a police officer?

Having been born in the Soviet Union, a nation deeply atheistic and anti-Christian in its very core, all believers were the laughing stock of society. I was blessed with a grandpa who was… Continue reading

10 Ways to Die Early

There seems to be a small tension in scripture concerning the number of days we will live. From one perspective, we get a picture of God who knows everything about us, the number… Continue reading

Genealogy of Grace – a sermon on Matthew 1 by Russell Korets

This is a sermon I spoke at City On A Hill, looking at the genealogy of Jesus Christ, which has GRACE written all over it! Watch it here:

6 Transformations; a sermon by Russell Korets

This is a sermon I spoke on Easter at City On A Hill, on the power of resurrection. In this message, we look at 6 people powerfully transformed by the power of the… Continue reading

age of the disciples

Did you know that many scholars believe that the 12 disciples whom Jesus chose were probably under the age of 20 when Jesus selected them, all except Peter? Very different then the common… Continue reading