Book Recommendation: A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness

tale_of_three_kingsTitle: A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness
Author: Gene Edwards
Topic: Leadership, Relationships

Though this is a small and very easy to read book, it is one of those books that you will not be able to just read through without stopping. There will be moments when this book will lead you to tears and repentance. There will be moments when this book will bring peace and comfort to your heart. But most of all, this book will change your perspective on pain, loss and heartache that you might have experienced or will experience at the hand of family members, friends or other believers.

What do you do when someone throws a spear at you? What do you do when your own son is going against you?

Author Gene Edwards looks at the life of David, Saul and Absalom. He compares their heart motives, character and reactions to position changes, harsh words, thrown spears, and other situations that are often faced by every one of us.

If you’ve ever faced brokenness, betrayal, unfaithful friends, forgotten promises, this book is for you.

I personally have bought at least 30 copies of this book, and have given them out to close friends. I believe every person in ministry needs to take a 2 to 3 day sabbatical, and go through this book, even though it only takes 2-3 hours to read the whole book. This is also a great book to do a small group study on. The chapters are VERY small, and discussions can go very deep after each chapter. If you’ve never read a book in a small group setting together, Id recommend this to be the first book.

Have I convinced you to get this book? I hope so.

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