Did God cause the tornadoes in Oklahoma? John Piper vs. Greg Boyd

When tragedy strikes a nation, there are those in ministry who like to make it a point to declare that it was God at work, killing babies, murdering mothers, and destroying homes. In such a view, Satan practically plays little to no role, since it is God who ordains, & directs all world events. John Piper took less than 24 hours to remind everyone in Oklahoma that it was God who brought the tornado. Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 12.17.29 AM

* That tweet by John Piper has since been removed.

To read more of John Piper’s perspective on God’s Sovereignty, national tragedy, and the hand of God in a tornado, go to his blog:


And then, there is the other side – that speaks of God so weak and detached, as if Satan can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and God watches helplessly.

Certainly, this is a debate that will continue to go on, until the day we meet Jesus. Most likely, the answer is probably somewhere in-between both of these extremes. Today, my heart aches for those going through tragedy. And the Bible teaches us to mourn with those who mourn.

Here is one point of view that brings a different light on national or local tragedy, quite different from John Piper’s perspective. Read it, when you get a chance.


Greg Boyd also had some noteworthy tweets today, concerning national tragedy. He tweeted,

“Just now watching the most recent News on the tragedy in Moore OK. My heart breaks for these dear folks! “THIS an enemy has done” (Mt13)! No, I don’t think there is a demon behind each tornado, but the NT indicates that nature as it now is has been corrupted by demonic forces.”

That’s a perspective that’s blatantly different from the perspective of John Piper. Greg Boyd also preached a sermon, “Escaping the Twilight Zone God” that’s worthy of your time. Here is the link:


Whether you agree with the Piper’s, Boyd’s, or neither perspective, these links will be worth your time.

Pastor Rick Warren also tweeted,

rick warren tweet

Ill take Pastor Rick’s advice, and end it here.

2 thoughts on “Did God cause the tornadoes in Oklahoma? John Piper vs. Greg Boyd

  1. John Piper is an idiot. Why would a loving god let some people live and kill little babies?

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