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Worship at City On A Hill Church, pastor Vasily Botsyan

Clip from July, 2011. Visit our church website,, for more videos.

Happy Birthday Jesus, kids singing at City On A Hill Church (Pastor Vasily Botsyan)

Our church website is

Worship at City On A Hill Church, Pastor Vasily Botsyan

One of our youth’s new, favorite worship songs: Commission my Soul

Alex Shevchenko and UGOL’s first MUSIC VIDEO: Наклони Небеса

Song is written by Pastor Alex Shevchenko. Song is performed by Kristina Oselskaya

Over 2,000 member choir from 58 countries

Girl without fingers plays a piano beautifully. What’s your excuse?

Диана Козакевич 6 лет – Украина ищет таланты (A poem that will bring you to tears).

Old film of russian guys singing in English. Epic.

Watch Ledayev’s “Пир Валтасара,” one of his newest musicals, on my blog.

Dad and daughter singing. One of the cutest videos I’ve seen.

Worthy Is The Lamb performed by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

My favorite choir performing one of my favorite songs.

Im a big fan of the PS22 Chorus. Here is one of their songs

When I say “secretly,” I dont try to hide it, I’ve just never mentioned in public anywhere yet.

Sergey Briksa’s new music video “See You Soon.”

The song of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, “Разом нас багато”

Tears of Saints (w/ great missions statistics)

If I’d see these guys on the street, I’d give them my money

Street drummers in Chicago.

Slow Fade, Casting Crowns. Amazing lyrics.

Inspiring: Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

The future of music bands.

Coming to City On A Hill soon!

Семья Спатарель “Я с ним заключил завет”

Love this song. Love this family.

Russian version of the song “Healer”

Done by the worship team of Bethany Missionary Church, Sacramento CA.

This Is My God (In Russian).

I love this song. So reassuring. Song preformed at Sulamita church in Portland OR.

My favorite: Hippo singing the “Lion King” song

Holy, by Kim Walker/Jesus Culture

A favorite for City On A Hill and me.

One of my favorite Russian worship songs. Я хочу исполнить волю Твою

The man singing in this video is the author of this song.

The Gummy Bear song, Russian Version

Its finally out! The russian version of the Gummy Bear song. Enjoy.

There are days when I listen to this song 50 times.

Great song by “Открытое Небо,” a Christian Russian band.

By far, one of my most favorite YouTube videos. Great choir.