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The Red Sea parting at a High School Basketball game

Students at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass., have gone viral with a celebration they held during a “Red Sea” game in which fans all wore red. Then-senior Patrick Bradley dressed as Moses, naturally, and parted the crowd. “We’re just a small high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts doing a biblical act before a basketball game,” Bradley said.

Rejected John 3:16 Superbowl Commercial

Michael Jordan fails.

The Greatest Basketball story Ever. I wept.

Don’t watch this if you enjoy complaining, it just might ruin your apatite. The 1-legged marathon runner.

Facing the Giants: A great clip to use for a sermon illustration

Its important to finish well, not just start well. Men’s Relay, Olympics.

World Cup in Russia in 2018! Here is Russia’s full presentation to FIFA

I wonder how much Russia had to pay under the table, to rewarded the World Cup in 2018.

High school football player penalized for pointing to heaven. Talk about intolerance.

I wonder where the ACLU is now.