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Sermon: Divorce & Remarriage

Recently, I spoke a sermon on “Divorce & Remarriage.” Its a difficult subject to deal with, because each case and family is so unique. What I try to lay out here are the… Continue reading

5 Christian Views on Creation

As Christians, we believe God created the world. But, there are many sincere questions as to the details of creation, like, “Is the world really less than 10,000 years old?” “What was the… Continue reading

The Antichrist & Mark of the Beast

Ever wondered who the Antichrist will be, and what the Mark of the Beast is? Watch this message, as we attempt to provide some clarity and Biblical illumination to End Time prophecy and… Continue reading

12 Podcast Channels Leaders Should Subscribe to

Leaders are readers & leaders are listeners. And one of the greatest benefits of growing up in our generation is the magnificent & free access to sermons, mentorship & and teaching of godly… Continue reading

10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Pastor Right After the Sermon

Preparing a sermon is a lot of work. For me, 10 to 20 hours on the average, plus the hours of contemplating, praying, & thinking. And, every preacher will agree, some sermons work… Continue reading

Sermon: Pride & Worldliness, a study of James ch. 4

We are currently in a middle of a study in the book of James. Last week, we looked at ch. 4, where “Pastor” James is dealing with Pride & Worldliness. I hope you… Continue reading

Men, please listen to this message by Larry Stockstill

We are excited to host Larry Stockstill this coming weekend. But, I realize many of you might not know him. Here is a message that I hope every man will listen to, &… Continue reading

What To Do After You Preach

This is a great post written by Dave Harvey, posted here. I wanted to share it with my readers, especially with those who preach or hope to start to preach. If you preach… Continue reading

“6 Responsibilities of a Husband to a Wife.” Sermon by Russell Korets at City On A Hill

Recently, I spoke a message at City On A Hill Church, titled “6 Responsibilities of a Husband to a Wife.” As I pray for my wife, I often find myself praying for these… Continue reading

Ravi Zacharias, “Jesus Amongst Other Gods” sermon at City On A Hill

Recently, we were honored to host Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team at City On A Hill Church. On Saturday evening, Ravi Zacharias spoke on “Jesus Amongst Other Gods.” You can watch the… Continue reading

Sexual Purity Forum with Dr. Heath Lambert & Covenant Eyes

In June, we hosted a “Sexual Purity Forum” in the Seattle area. We were honored to have Dr. Heath Lambert of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with us, as well as representatives of Covenant… Continue reading

Dr. Heath Lambert’s Sermon on Pornography & Sexual Purity

This past weekend, Dr. Heath Lambert spoke at City On A Hill Church. He is a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of many publications, including a book titled, “Finally Free.”… Continue reading

Answering Controversial Questions

Here is a message I spoke at City On A Hill, during which I answered many controversial questions, including questions such as: – Can women wear pants? – Do we absolutely need to… Continue reading

Sermon: What is the Fear of the Lord

Practically speaking, what is the Fear of the Lord? Do we walk around scared? A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to answer this in a sermon. I believe the Fear of the… Continue reading

Sermon: Jesus vs. “Many Ways to God” myths

A sermon I spoke at City On A Hill Church in November, 2013. I pray it blesses you.

5 Directions to Look during communion

Communion is a special time dedicated to remember Lord’s sacrifice. It cannot be done hastily. As a matter of fact, I believe there are 5 directions we need to look, as we approach the… Continue reading

Sermon: 8 Biblical Principles concerning money

This is a sermon I spoke at City On A Hill Church in September, 2013. This sermon is also part of a lesson we teach during a premarital counseling session at our church.… Continue reading

8 People to Not Stereotype

This past weekend, I preached a sermon at City On A Hill, titled “8 people to not stereotype.” Watch it here

Sermon: Maturity through Spiritual Disciplines

Here is a sermon I spoke at City On A Hill this past Sunday on Spiritual Disciplines.

Where do black people come from?

I am of Ukrainian descent and in the Slavic circles, because the culture is not very diverse with different races, the question that is often asked is “where do black people come from?”… Continue reading

6 Transformations; a sermon by Russell Korets

This is a sermon I spoke on Easter at City On A Hill, on the power of resurrection. In this message, we look at 6 people powerfully transformed by the power of the… Continue reading

Brokenness; a sermon at City On A Hill by Russell Korets

Recently, I spoke a sermon at City On A Hill on brokenness. You can watch it here:

Lambs & Sheep; a sermon by Russell Korets

A sermon I spoke at City On A Hill, comparing lambs and sheep to goats and other animals. The Bible speaks much about these two different types of animals, and often compares people… Continue reading

Saul vs. John the Baptist

Here is a sermon I spoke at City On A Hill on Thanksgiving Day, on having a heart of gratitude, trusting God to supply all your needs. In this message, we look at… Continue reading

4 Cornerstones of Marriage by Russell Korets

Here is the video of a recent sermon I spoke at City On A Hill on the 4 cornerstones of marriage. I pray it blesses you.

Slow Fade, Casting Crowns. Amazing lyrics.

We live in a world in need of love. Just look at the success of the “Free Hugs Campaign.”

Its important to finish well, not just start well. Men’s Relay, Olympics.

Paul Washer: One of the most influential messages of our time.