who’s your friends

Who you surround yourself with has a tremendous affect on your life! The environment you place yourself in will either promote you to growth, or can be a hindrance to your growth and development.

Did you know that some sharks, if allowed to develop and freely grow can be as long as 41 feet? But, when a shark is born and is placed in an aquarium, it will never grow to be bigger then the palm of a hand. Wow. How can a shark, which is born to be big, with humongous teeth, and a gigantic tail, be only the size of a palm of the hand? It will only happen when the new born shark is placed in a closed, compound environment, which does not allow it to grow. The bigger the environment, the bigger the shark can grow! This natural law works for other fish as well. If you take the fish that are kept in an aquarium in the house and release them into the pond, they will become larger very fast. Fish adapt to the environment that they are placed in.

This same principle can be applied not to just sharks and fish, this principle applies to a person’s potential and ability. The environment we place ourselves in directly affects our future, stature, and destiny. The cemeteries today are full of hidden treasures – undeveloped and unused natural talents and abilities. They never reached their destiny because the environment they placed themselves under did not allow them to grow.

The kind of environment and friends that we expose ourselves to will determine what limitations we will have. We will never grow bigger then the environment we place ourselves into. Try and experiment for yourself.

Next time you go to a concert, sit by someone who is yawning, and you will start to yawn. Sit by someone who is sleeping, and you will began to fall asleep. Sit by someone who is complaining, and you will began to notice things that you can complain about. On the other hand, if you sit by someone who is really enjoying the event, so will you! If you sit by some who is smiling, you will start to smile.

Sick attitude is contagious. If you are around someone sick, you will become sick. And when you are sick, to become healthy – get around someone who is healthy, and your health will improve! Jesus said it this way, “”If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Mathew 15:14).

If you are seeking marriage advice, don’t go up to someone who has been divorced three times, and is currently abusing his wife, go to someone who has a happy and successful marriage and ask them for advice. If need to learn how to drive, don’t ask someone to teach you who has been involved in countless accidents, has 14 tickets, and whose license is currently suspended. If you want to be a good driver, ask someone who has a great driving record and much experience. If you are starting a small business, don’t ask questions and advice from someone who has never run a business, is currently in debt and filling for bankruptcy. Ask someone who has succeeded in starting a profitable small business. Who you ask for marriage advice, to teach you to drive, or to start a small business, will directly correlate to your success and growth. Do you want to become a millionaire? Learn from millionaires, read their books, listen to millionaires speak. Don’t be listening to the advice of the casino attendant on how to become rich. If they would have had the knowledge on how to become a millionaire and win at the casinos, they would have long ago been gone from working in the casino with millions of dollars!

There is great wisdom in the old saying, “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” Make sure you are in a healthy environment. And the church is the healthiest environment you can find!

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