boycott starbucks?

As I sit in Starbucks and enjoy a Tall Vanilla Latte as well as the sight of my beautiful wife, something comes to my mind that I need to do that I have been putting off. I have received a couple of emails from people asking me my opinions of Starbucks, and this “movement” amongst some groups to boycott Starbucks. The people who wrote me, honestly, love Starbucks (it’s more like they are addicted to starbucks) and don’t feel like the movement to boycott Starbucks is such a great idea.

Let me share my thoughts:

1. First, I love coffee, and I love Starbucks. Honestly, in Tulsa, there are some better coffee shops such as Kaffe Bona, but, every now and then, I miss the Starbucks taste, and honestly, probably twice a week, my wife and I enjoy a good cup of coffee.

2. To say that we are going to boycott Starbucks because it has supported a “homosexual” agenda in the past is foolish, immature, and negligent, if at the same time, you continue to live in the state of California or even in the United States, drive a Ford, bank with Bank of America, McDonalds or work for Maria Cantwell, a WA senator who has been a firm supporter of the homosexual agenda. Also, do you pay taxes? Did you know that your taxes are given to such organization as Planned Parenthood, who perform thousands of abortions each year? Why don’t you stop paying taxes, and move out of America. GET MY POINT. If you set a standard, then live by it in every area of your life. All those organizations and a lot have in some way contributed to the homosexual agenda.

3. Now, of course I think it’s foolish for a company like Starbucks to support the homosexual agenda, since they are in the business to get as many people into their coffee shop as possible. And their support for homosexuals probably doesn’t help their PR.

Should Christians do anything then? Aren’t we called to stand firm for the truth?

Yes, if you personally believe your conscience doesn’t allow you to purchase a Starbucks coffee drink – good for you. I hope you don’t have to drive too far to find a dif coffee shop (especially with gas prices so high), and hopefully the other coffee shop stays open as late as a Starbucks.

What I believe would be a LOT MORE EFFECTIVE, is not announcing boycotts of Starbucks in church, but, 2 things:

1) Work with local management! If you get a Starbucks cup that has a “homosexual” quote on it, just ask for another cup! Tell the manager you might have to leave that cup in your car, and you don’t want your kids reading it. Plus, tell them they are in the business of selling coffee, not promoting homosexuality. Capitalism works!
2) Gather 500 people in front of the Starbucks headquarters, and tell them you love Starbucks and are addicted to their coffee, but at the same time, you don’t appreciate the agenda to advance the homosexual lifestyle on their cups! Tell them to do what they do best, and what they were meant to do! Lovingly effective!

In conclusion, I know some of you wont agree with me. It’s okay. You are entitled to your own thoughts/beliefs. I just wanted to take a minute and respond to those who continue to go to Starbucks, because it is conveniently located, open great hours, and provides good coffee. Listen, just because the hospital performs abortions – doesn’t mean you don’t go there when you need help! But, to reduce abortions, it takes more then to announce in church that we oppose it! We support adoption agencies, and families that adopt. We provide encouragement and prayer to those considering abortion. We make it as tough as possible to get an abortion. Look for better ways to PROMOTE YOUR MESSAGE. Your message will be a lot more effective, if approached properly.

Jesus was against prostitution, but look at how he reached that prostitute that was caught in the act of sin! Instead of stoning her, he forgave her sins, and set her free.

Jesus didnt support the religious leaders of his time. But he went to their temples!

Friends, don’t stone Starbucks. I might be sitting there, enjoying my cup of coffee.

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2 thoughts on “boycott starbucks?

  1. very constructive and objective point of view.. I definitely agree because i do enjoy my cup of Starbucks coffee frequently… Thank you for being a loving member of christian community instead of going out and stoning the coffee shop…lol

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