Tips on purchaing translation equipment for church

We often get calls to City On A Hill office, asking what system we use for our translation services. Instead of answering all calls in details, here is the info. If you are looking to buy a system to use for translation, read this blog, it will help you even if you don’t go with the same system we went with.

First of all, the equipment that we currently use for translation services is made by a company called “Listen.” We bought 48 headsets, and 2 transmitters. Prior to purchasing this equipment, we were fortunate to temporarily use another local church’s system and headsets, though it was a cheaper system. It was blessing, because we figured out somethings that we did not like, while using a cheaper system.

If you will be purchasing a translation system, here are some small things to keep in mind:

  1. When you purchase earphones, don’t purchase earphones that go inside a person’s ear. When people pick up a translation headset, they want to know that it is clean and sanitary. We chose to purchase earphones that hook on the ear, and they can be easily wiped/cleaned, before passing out.
  2. In addition to purchasing 48 headsets, we purchased 3 “recharging” cases in which the headsets are stored. Each case has 16 slots, one for each headset. The case is connected to a plug, and each headset, which has 2 rechargeable batteries in them, is recharged.  We’ve been using the headsets for 6 months now, we haven’t replaced one battery. In contrast, when we didn’t have the recharging case, either we had to replace batteries after every service, or, people would come up to us during the service and tell us that their battery died. In the worst case scenario, if their battery died, they just sat there the whole service and didn’t understand anything. The recharging  cases cost us a lot of money, but overtime, we are very happy with that purchase because we are saving money on batteries, and time replacing them. Plus, each headset is neatly stored.
  3. When we give headsets out, we take an id/license, and put it in place of the headset. That way, people don’t take them home, leave them somewhere beneath the seat and then someone has to go and look for them. Its expensive equipment, therefore we are careful with it.

May God bless you, as you minister to different nationalities, or in some cases, to your own kids who don’t speak your native language.

7 thoughts on “Tips on purchaing translation equipment for church

  1. Thank you for the tips, that’s help me a lot. We’ ve been looking the translator system for our church. Jesus bless you & your family.

  2. Thanks Russel, I’ve been using same system for years but needed to help another church with advice and this article was a blessing!

    1. Hi brother Russels,my name is Maria,thanks for the information,but i would like to know,where did you buy your equipment and how much was the price?.could you please let me know it.I will appreciate.Thanks.
      God bless you

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