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Conference with Larry Stockstill at City On A Hill

Five years ago, together with a group of friends, we heard a call from God to start a church in the Seattle area. This weekend, we are celebrating what the Lord has done,… Continue reading

Worship at City On A Hill Church, pastor Vasily Botsyan

Clip from July, 2011. Visit our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv, for more videos.

Happy Birthday Jesus, kids singing at City On A Hill Church (Pastor Vasily Botsyan)

Our church website is http://www.cityhill.tv

Worship at City On A Hill Church, Pastor Vasily Botsyan

City On A Hill Church Promo video

Visit our website, http://www.cityhill.tv

Tips on purchaing translation equipment for church

We often get calls to City On A Hill office, asking what system we use for our translation services. Instead of answering all calls in details, here is the info. If you are… Continue reading

Information about the Online Church Management Software “Church Office Online” that we at City On A Hill will be using

What Church Management Software does City On A Hill Church use? Why did we end up going with http://www.churchofficeonline.com? Churches need a way to track membership, visitors, contributions, contact information, a system to… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church Grand Opening, Василий Боцян, открытие церкви

Video from our Grand Opening service, and highlights from the youth Grand Opening & Night of worship are now on our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv. Видио с открытие церкви City On A Hill, и молодежного вечера… Continue reading

Worship @ City On A Hill Church, Василий Боцян, Pastor Vasily Botsyan

Here is an audio of worship from City On A Hill Church. More audio, videos, sermons and pictures are available on our church website, http://www.cityhill.tv.

Sermon on being planted in local church by Russell Korets

This is the message i spoke at City On A Hill Church on Sunday, September 5th. It is about the importanc of  being planted in a local church. You can also download it… Continue reading

City On A Hill Church & Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan Website, Василий Боцян

Apparently, my blog is a big hit for those seeking the church website for “City On A Hill Church,” and Pastor Vasiliy Botsyan’s sermons.   The official website for City On A Hill is http://www.cityhill.tv. We… Continue reading

boycott starbucks?

As I sit in Starbucks and enjoy a Tall Vanilla Latte as well as the sight of my beautiful wife, something comes to my mind that I need to do that I have… Continue reading