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10 Questions for a 6-month Spiritual Check-Up

Want to do a 6 month “Spiritual Check-up?” Here are 10 great questions to ask yourself, or to have someone ask you, written by Chuck Lawless. Also, are you holding anyone accountable? I… Continue reading

Four-Way Stop vs. Roundabout

In every area of life, we must ask questions & re-evaluate what and how we do it. And, when it comes to traffic, questions must also be asked. Mythbusters took up a challenge… Continue reading

8 Silly Reasons that Stop Churches from Starting to Use Social Media

Steve Fog recently posted a blog, titled, “7 Silly Barriers that Stop Churches from Adopting Social Media.” I believe the content of this blog is relevant, especially for those with very traditional roots. Do… Continue reading

20 Time-Management Tips for People in their 20s

Richard Feloni posted a blog on, titled “20 Time-Management Lessons Everyone Should Learn In Their 20’s.” I found the content to be very helpful, and wanted to pass this unto my readers.… Continue reading

10 Things Pastors Hate To Admit Publicly

Recently, @pastorboz posted an article on the 10 Things Pastors Hate to Admit Publicly. The article was great, painful, and truthful, and therefore, I wanted to share it with my readers. Please pray… Continue reading

10 Ideas for Wise Leaders

Recently, Chuck Lawless wrote “10 Ideas for Wise Leaders” that I read on Thom Rainier’s blog. These were so great, that I couldn’t resist reposting it for my readers! Great leadership is not… Continue reading

Sermon: What is the Fear of the Lord

Practically speaking, what is the Fear of the Lord? Do we walk around scared? A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to answer this in a sermon. I believe the Fear of the… Continue reading

Satan Only Has 2 Lies

Satan is a liar. His name even means that, and the main way Satan works is through lies. With all the years of experience, it would seem that he has a vast number… Continue reading

Why I’m Getting A Divorce in 2014

Today is my wife’s birthday and in honor of her birthday, Ive decided to join Jarrid Wilson’s call and do what he did: get a divorce in 2014. Below is text of Jarrid’s blog post,… Continue reading

Are you Knowingly Investing into a Financial Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

As I write this blog, I am deeply concerned about an investment scam that has penetrated the Slavic community in our state. Though some are unaware that the company is just that –… Continue reading

3 Lessons from a Gym Trainer

I have realized that my family, my future, and my church need me to be healthy. And from my side, if there is anything I can, I ought to, to stay healthy. Therefore,… Continue reading

My top 10 visited blog posts of 2013

I don’t blog as often as I’d like to. I hope to blog more in 2014.  Thank you everyone who has taken time to visit and read my blog! If there is something… Continue reading

Podcast Interview with Bogdan Kipko

This week, I was interviewed by Bogdan Kipko, for a his “Fuel for Life” Podcast Series. It was a great conversation, where you can hear me sing songs, discuss Mark Driscoll, and share what… Continue reading

Призыв Реформировать Постоянной Диеты “Гостей Проповедников” в Славянских Церквях США

Перевод даной статьи на русский язык, зделан благодаря Валерию Борзов. Английский вариант этой статьи здесь. Заметьте #1: Этот пост не против миссионеров , и не против проповедников, посетивших церкви или проповедовавших там. Многие “гости”, это… Continue reading

A Call to Reform a “Culture of Guest Preachers” in the Slavic Church

DISCLAIMER #1: This post is not against missionaries, nor against any one preacher that has visited or spoke at any Slavic church. Most of these “guest preachers” are people who fear God, are… Continue reading

10 Things Church Volunteers Wished Their Pastor Knew About Them

This is a fantastic article, originally posted at here, written by Brian K. Dodd. I think every pastor needs to hear and internalize this. _____________ What are the volunteers serving in your church… Continue reading

5 Directions to Look during communion

Communion is a special time dedicated to remember Lord’s sacrifice. It cannot be done hastily. As a matter of fact, I believe there are 5 directions we need to look, as we approach the… Continue reading

20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids

Recently, Tim Challies posted a great blog on “18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.”  It got me thinking a lot, especially when I come home, and am tempted to finish… Continue reading

Biblical Men Cook!

Far too often, I hear men use the “Bible” and the “role of men” argument to stay completely out of the kitchen and never help their wife with cooking or simply washing the… Continue reading

This 33-year-old man spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber

  This 33-year-old guy spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. ( The sad reality is that often, we all put in a lot of effort & even money, to resemble someone else,… Continue reading

Why I Am a Young Earth, Six-Day Creationist, Part 1

It has increasingly become a minority position in the church to believe that God created the world in literal six days, and that the earth is young, not millions or billions of years… Continue reading

Answering 7 Myths of Oprah and the “Many Ways to God” Worldview

Dont get me wrong. This is not a blog against Oprah, and everything she has done; and she has done many great things. But, when it comes to religion and faith, her position… Continue reading

10 Things Americans Waste Money On

This article was originally posted on Dave Ramsey’s website here.  We are currently making plans to hold Financial Peace University at City On A Hill, and this is a great article to make… Continue reading

Best Writing (and preaching) Advice for Young Writers

This blog was originally posted on Justin Taylor’s blog, “Between Two Words.”  C.S. Lewis’s last interview was on May 7, 1963—six months before he died. Sherwood Wirt (1911-2001) asked for his writing advice:… Continue reading

Can a Christian be a police officer?

Having been born in the Soviet Union, a nation deeply atheistic and anti-Christian in its very core, all believers were the laughing stock of society. I was blessed with a grandpa who was… Continue reading

Sermon: 8 Biblical Principles concerning money

This is a sermon I spoke at City On A Hill Church in September, 2013. This sermon is also part of a lesson we teach during a premarital counseling session at our church.… Continue reading

11 Daring Questions to Ask Yourself about Social Media Use

I use Social Media a lot. I believe it is one of the greatest tools available today for individuals and churches to communicate, inform and influence people. I do not believe Social Media… Continue reading

Мысли вслух о прошедшем форуме по вопросу кальвинизма

Перед тем, как рассказать о своих впечатлениях, я хочу поблагодарить пастора Александра Шевченко за организацию форума по столь актуальной теме. Некоторые служители используют кафедру для само-пиара, формируют неверное представление о кальвинизме и арминианстве,… Continue reading

Monkeys as managers; the affects of Toxic Stress.

Stress can play a big & toxic role in our lives, our health, and who we become. How we deal with stress also affects our children, including their IQ. Here is a real… Continue reading

From a church of 3,000 to 0.

To the Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic Christians living in the Puget Sound, the Washington State Criminal Justice Center in Burien is a very familiar facility. Over the years, the facility had been rented by numerous churches… Continue reading