Movie Recommendation: I Am Sam

Movie Recommendation: Flywheel

The acting is not all that good. But, the storyline is phenomenal. Worth watching.

Movie Recommendation: Fireproof

Facing the Giants: A great clip to use for a sermon illustration

A Call to Anguish, David Wilkerson

This is My King.

Paul Washer: One of the most influential messages of our time.

“The 4th Man,” one of Oral Robert’s most famous sermons

Words cant describe my God. But using the words we know, Steve Harvey does a good job.

Is it mandatory that Christian women should wear head coverings or veils?

Pastor Aleksey Kolimiytsev wrote a blog on whether it is necessary for a woman to wear a head covering or a veil, while praying. I definitely think its worth your time, reading it.… Continue reading

Dad life.

I love being a dad.

Why Church Planting?

Why plant a new church? I’m part of a team that is planting a¬†new church in the diverse Northwest culture with a purpose to reach and impact the local community¬†. Many have asked… Continue reading

10 Most Commonly Referenced Bible Verses

Top Verses Bible ( has done extensive research, to determine which Bible verses are most often used in books, sermons, magazines, etc. Here are the top 10 verses: 1. John 3:16 For God… Continue reading

Report from Memorial Service of Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty

On Monday, November 30th, over 12,000 people jam-packed the Mabee Center of Oral Roberts University and thousands more watched online, as the world paid tribute to Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty. He died on… Continue reading

who’s your friends

Who you surround yourself with has a tremendous affect on your life! The environment you place yourself in will either promote you to growth, or can be a hindrance to your growth and… Continue reading

boycott starbucks?

As I sit in Starbucks and enjoy a Tall Vanilla Latte as well as the sight of my beautiful wife, something comes to my mind that I need to do that I have… Continue reading

coming revival, or gloom and doom

Coming revival or will things get worse?Recently, I have begun to look into scriptures, to find out what we, the church, will face, in the coming days. Some, especially in the church, proclaim… Continue reading

age of the disciples

Did you know that many scholars believe that the 12 disciples whom Jesus chose were probably under the age of 20 when Jesus selected them, all except Peter? Very different then the common… Continue reading